In search of a world free of sadists…

For days I had been thinking of my first post on WordPress. And here I am with one of the most important thought I have learnt.

In past few months,  there have been many dreadful incidents with a large number of girls. One of them being the infamous Delhi gang rape case – an act by a bunch of maniacs that disgraced the country.

The entire nation rejoiced when the government gave an order to hang the accused rapists till death.

In the process of seeking benediction from the Gods and Goddesses, some of us forget to climb the very basic step of humanity.
Isn’t this true? They would bow to the goddess in stone but always show their male chauvinistic attitude to the live women.

According to some “Super brilliant” brains, this happens because we females provoke them. Don’t we have any other business in our lives than to excite people on road? In my opinion, this may happen to any girl – be her fully clothed or half clothed. And the reason for that is these roadside retards go crazy like mad dogs in the middle of the road by any movement we do.They enjoy the pleas of mercy, the cries due to suffering and the pain they give – sadists is the word for them.

Incidents like these make the family members put the bondages over the girls – be home before dark, don’t go to any place alone, going for a trip? how many people?  How many boys are accompanying you? , don’t take up a job etc etc. And I don’t see anything wrong in that. What I see is the fear of losing their daughter or sister in some shameful incidents like these.

The progress in a woman’s life is hampered when her privacy is invaded. No one could console this woe of hers. In any corner of this world, no woman is safe until devils like these continue to exist.

So what I learnt from this is ALWAYS BE ALERT, HAVE SOME PRESENCE OF MIND AND NEVER EVER LET THESE MONSTERS RUIN OUR LIVES. No attitude but whatever is mine is mine. Show no mercy on them who come to crush us. Instead be ready to fight back. Whatever be the consequence. The world free of sadists can only be in our dreams. To live in this cruel world, kick their butts who come in your way. Don’t wait for someone else to come and help you. Give your best to save yourselves. It’s the question of our lives ladies. Help yourselves and those who need it.

The video here makes me say it too: ‘YES ITS MY FAULT!’.